Q: Must we pay an employee their full salary while they are absent on jury service, and, if so, can we claim compensation?

A: You are under no statutory obligation to pay an employee their normal salary while they undertake jury service and our ‘Leaves of Absence Policy’ reflects this, by saying that such payment can be made entirely at your discretion. The court will reimburse your employee for their travel and give them an allowance for subsistence. But if they will lose earnings while serving as a juror, because you are not paying them during this period, then they can complete a ‘Certificate of Loss of Earnings’ and present it to the court.
For periods up to and including four hours in the first 10 days of jury service, the maximum loss of earnings payment they can claim is currently £31.56 per day. For periods in excess of this, the maximum payment is currently £63.12 per day. However, if you decide to make any payment to the employee during their absence, you cannot claim compensation from the court or any other government department.