Pine nuts: Pine nut prices have remained at incredibly high levels since the last report with a growing sense of further supply issues as the season progresses. With a weaker sterling, dwindling supply and a strong demand for seeds overall, it is difficult to see where any respite can come from other than a wholesale defection away from what has effectively become a punishingly expensive commodity.

Pumpkin seeds: Prices have remained, and continue to remain, extremely firm and at levels that confound any historical precedent for this product. Prices are now over 100% higher than their "usual" pricing range, but clearly the impact on the failed Austrian crop has hit China, with additional levels of demand when supply is at its lowest and most critical.

Sunflower seeds: Although sunflower seeds have not experienced the supply issues that have rocketed pumpkin and pine nuts to high price levels, demand for them has seen a marked increase as a reflection of their price discount compared to other seeds.

l Based on information provided by ingredients supplier RM Curtis