Pinenuts: Any hope that prices into 2011 might be restored to their "normal" levels depends largely on whether China and Russia can resolve their cross-border differences. Then, weather permitting, a restored and optimal Chinese new crop, topped up by the supplemental Russian supply into China, should result in prices dropping back in early 2011. Between now and early 2011, availability remains very tight and prices are likely to remain very expensive. Demand may see some decline after the strong seasonal demand seen over the summer months.

Pumpkin: There have been reports that after two years of deliberately reduced supply, China might be intending to increase its planted acreage in order to take advantage of prevailing prices which are, for now at least, double their historical average.

Sunflower: Current expectations on sunflower seed pricing going forward appear relatively stable and more optimistic than other seed prices. Provided China and the US have no issues on their new crop supply and with increasing tonnage continuing out of Eastern Europe, we would hope to see a strong supply match growing demand.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis