Snack manufacturers across Europe are being urged to produce 30g snack packs to help consumers meet dietary guidelines on calorie intake.

The European Snack Association (ESA) has announced a change in its approach and now recommends a voluntary move towards a single-portion size of 30g for snacks and nuts an increase of 5g for snacks. The ESA said the 30g size was "in line with dietary recommendations for a snack in between meals and reflects consumption patterns".

Despite the 30g recommendation, the ESA states that bags under 50g would still be classified as single-serve, while snack bags over 50g would be deemed sharing bags.

Dr Sabine Seggelke, ESA public affairs & policy director, said: "The change aims to ensure a meaningful, practical and easily understood portion size. Studies in major European markets indicate that the average portion of potato crisps consumed is 30g."

Last year, the FSA launched a consultation, which covered making savoury snacks single packs of 30g or less more widely available; its recommendations on portion sizes are due out later this year as part of the work into saturated fat reduction.