Although much of the snow has melted in the south, bakeries in the north of England and Scotland have continued to struggle with the elements.

“We are quite used to dealing with snow up here but the severity and duration of this recent blast has taken everyone by surprise,” said Lewis McLean of McLean’s Highland Bakery in Morayshire.

“We had about 8-10 inches of snow in our car park, last week. Out of 130 staff only three did not make it into work, even one of those whose car slid off the road and crashed, made it to work the next day on the bus.”

He added: “We’ve managed to help quite a few local shops by supplying them with extra stock as deliveries from the south had been running late or were stuck.”

André Sarafilovic of Stephens Bakery in Dunfermline, commented: “Miraculously we are getting all of the products out and customers are buying everything they can get their hands on.

“When this type of things happen it brings out real community spirit. A local farmer even came over without being asked and cleared our delivery yard - it’s amazing what people will do for a steakbridie!”