Square Pie has announced that its Pie World Cup is to return to coincide with the Football World Cup this summer.

Special World Cup pies, for all seven of the previous Football World Cup-winning nations, will be played-off against each other during the first three weeks of the competition, with the two best-sellers to be pitted against each other in the final in week four.

Week one (14-20 June) will see Argentina’s Corned Beef Hash pie versus France’s Beef Bourguignon; week two (21-27 June) will see England’s Rabbit pie, up against Germay’s Goulash; and week three (28 June-4 July) will see which triumphs between Italy’s Bolognese contender, Uruguay’s Pascualina pie (a vegetarian pie containing pinto beans, spinach, red pepper, onion, hard cheese and cayenne pepper), and Brazil’s Beef Esfihas.

“We’ve always had some great fun with our previous Pie World Cups and with these new recipes, we are sure it’s going to be a much closer contest than previous years,” commented managing director Martin Dewey. “Will England pull a rabbit out of the hat and win their third Pie World Cup in a row?”

The pies will be available in Square Pie’s outlets in Selfridges, Spitalfields Market, Westfield (Shepherds Bush), and Canary Wharf.