Valera has introduced a new range of buffet display units for hot, cold or ambient products.

The new City Line range includes New York, Roma and Paris models and has been designed to meet the needs of businesses that require self-service counters.

The New York model is available in chilled, hot bain marie, hot ceramic or ambient display options. A hot and ambient combination is also available on request. It can hold three to six 1/1 Gastronorm pans, and the chilled option has a temperature range of 2-7ºC. All versions featured a glass canopy.

The same options are available for the Roma unit, which can incorporate a chilled well or flat deck. It can hold three to six 1/1 Gastronorm pans and features a sloping glass sneeze-guard.

A hot and ambient combination comes as standard on the Paris unit, and a choice of chilled and ambient versions are available in a range of sizes. It also features a chilled well or chilled flat deck and sloping sneeze guard. Paris models can hold between four and six pans.

All three units are available in a dark oak or natural wood finish.