Tate & Lyle has introduced two new extra-dry starch products to help control the moisture in baked goods.

The global ingredients supplier has developed MERIZET 116 and MERIZET 118, both with low moisture contents of typically 5% and 7%, which are ideal for use in frozen dough, desserts and other dry mixes. The starches help improve a product’s stability and shelf-life by preventing the development of moisture during storage.

Clotilde Feuillade, texturants product manager at Tate & Lyle Speciality Food Ingredients, said: “There is an increasing demand in the market for extra-dry starches, which are highly complex to manufacture. We are therefore delighted to introduce two new varieties, helping manufacturers to formulate their products more easily.”

The two new starch products are made from non-genetically-modified maize and are manufactured in Tate & Lyle’s European flagship starch facility in the Netherlands.