The Tree House Bakery set up in Solihull, West Midlands, which has proved a major attraction for adults and kids, has been slammed a ‘dangerous’ by health and safety officials, and threatened with closure.

The bakery set up by Sylva Burch and her husband, who come from Cyprus, is just six feet off the ground on wooden stilts. But as well as steps, access is via a rope ladder which has proved very popular with local children keen to try out their climbing skills – not always accompanied by an adult.

Local schools meanwhile are taking classes of schoolchildren to visit the shop where Mr Burch is happy to take the children through the history of Hot Cross Buns. Anyone buying twelve, can get one free.

“We wanted a bakers shop that was different,” said Mr Burch. But HSE officials said it was easy to get a leg tangled in the rope resulting in serious injuries. “This is completely foolhardy,” said the HSE’s Mr Ash. We have already received serious complaints from parents and two reports of twisted ankles.

“Whichever company has insured Mr and Mrs Burch may not know the full facts about its precise location. We are investigating.”