Three bakery students have made it through the UK qualifiers for the Russian Youth Bread Cup.

Nicole Haymes of the Chatsworth House Farm Shop, and  Jaeger Andrew and Emily Harrison, both of Sheffield City College competed in the qualifying round last Friday (17 February) at Sheffield City College. They will now face a rigorous programme of practice sessions to prepare for the final, which will be held in Moscow this April and hosted by the Russian Guild of Bakers and Confectioners.

Colin Lomax, head judge, said that he rarely saw students work so professionally and produce artisan and innovative products to the standard witnessed by the judges.

The youth team will receive training from both UK and European bakery experts, including David Mizon, director of and general secretary for the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees.

Mizon said: “We now need the support from the industry to help these talented individuals show their flair in the Russian final, so we need to raise funds of approximately £2,800 to cover the team’s expenses. It’s important that we support young bakers who have the confidence and drive to take part in such competitions and show that they are capable in their skills and experience.”