The Ukrainian Government announced yesterday (18 August) that it is to delay its decision on whether to limit wheat exports for the rest of the year, until a Government session on 25 August, according to the news service APK-Inform Information.

Cabinet ministers have offered to allow the export of 1.5 million tonnes of wheat and 1 million tonnes of barley until the end of 2010, with the quota proposed to start from 1 September 2010, according to the website

The proposed quotas would more than halve exports in the current season, according to The Financial Times. Traders have said that the country could export up to 6 million tonnes of wheat in the 2010/11 season if no quotas were applied, reported the news service.

Earlier this week, the minister for agrarian policy Nikolay Prysiaghniuk said a limitation had been discussed in order to satisfy the food safety of the country.

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