Clean label ingredients business Ulrick & Short has pledged to retain its non-GM status for its customer base.

The firm which produces additive-free starches, fat replacers, functional flours and bakery glazes, said that it will remain committed to delivering GM-free products for the foreseeable future.

Adrian Short, director  at Ulrick & Short, said: “Our aim is to reassure food manufacturers. If GM is introduced we will continue to supply GM-free ingredients so that producers can offer consumers choice. The majority of the public still remains unconvinced about GM foods and with so many conflicting messages and scare stories as regards to the impact on health GM foods will have, it is difficult for people, as well as manufacturers to gain a true perception of what GM means for them.

“Consumers are unlikely to fully support GM until businesses understand what it means for them and how the switch will affect their business; not just in financial terms but also considering how GM ingredients may alter existing product formulations and required pack declarations. Only then will practices be able to deliver clear messages to consumers. Until then the food industry will need give consumers the option and continue to supply GM-free products. Our aim is to ensure that our customers have a continued supply of non-GM ingredients to achieve this.”