Clare O’Connell, owner of POP Bakery in north-west London, has revealed the recipe behind her infamous Russian doll cake pops in an exclusive video interview with British Baker.

The vibrant cake pop design helped to put the 25-year-old bakery business owner on the map and, since launching her business a few years ago, she has been asked to create unique products for the likes of Topshop, Calvin Klein and Diet Coke.

O’Connell explained that cake pops work well as a good bakery start-up business, particularly during the current market, which is saturated by products such as cupcakes.

She added that the benefit of producing cake pops for other businesses is that they can be delivered by post to customers, unlike cupcakes, which in most cases must be sent by courier. In addition, they can be pre-made and frozen and have a shelf life of around 10 days.

To read more about the background of POP Bakery and O’Connell, read the full profile feature in British Baker’s 8 February issue.