If you don’t evolve, you have no divine right to survive. Sometimes we bakers whinge too much." What an honest appraisal from baker Tim Cuttress of Forfars of Brighton, which has 22 shops (pg 4).

He has introduced a range of ’healthy’ foods because, though a baker, he intends to sell fruit salads and pasta alongside his main offering. I know a part of us screams resistance at a baker selling such non-bakery items mainstream. But so many non-bakers are muscling in on bakers’ territory, that common sense says bakers must muscle in on theirs.

In our SIAB preview this year, miller Chiara Quaglia says that bakers must also look at what food ’partnerships’ have to offer - which bread goes alongside salad or cold meats, for example (pg 18). I agree. No opportunity must be lost. One day, I would like bakers to be able to offer a glass of red or white wine with their eat-in or take-out offerings. Bread and wine were made for each other.

Also this week, Greggs is to trial (very) late night opening (pg 4)! The firm sees a captive audience in those who spill out late from clubs, pubs and cinemas and Sunderland will be the trial area. It is an interesting experiment - from both a sales and security angle.

Elsewhere this week, Asda’s new advertising campaign shows the importance of bakery and stars Victoria Wood, a past presenter of the Baking Industry Awards (pg 4). The deadline for entering this year’s Awards is drawing near and I do hope you’ll have a go. You can phone Nicola Chesson on 01293 867629 or download an entry form from [http://www.bakeryawards.co.uk] (see pg 10 opposite and pages 12-13).

There is a Baking Industry Award for most categories and, as I have said before, you do not need to be a customer of the sponsoring company. Previous non-winners and first-time entrants are always among those who scoop the accolades.

Get your colleagues to contribute comments and ideas, then spend 30 minutes or so filling out the form. Some forms take even less time, a few slightly more. If you make it to the finals, you and a partner, or family member, can enjoy a free evening at the industry’s own big occasion. So do obtain an entry form and return it, fast, because the deadline is almost upon us.