Following the launch of its first UK marketing campaign in July, Vogel’s has taken on the consumer face-to-face with a pop-up toast bar at Temple Meads train station in Bristol.

Simon Staddon, managing director of bakers Nicholas & Harris, which holds the Vogel’s licence in the UK, told British Baker that the firm had been "getting a bit of momentum behind the brand", and that sales of Vogel’s bread had increased by around 40% since the re-launch of the brand this summer.

Open on Friday 8 October, the stand, manned by staff from the bakery, featured a row of toasters, a variety of Vogel’s breads, butter and a range of toast toppings. Travellers were invited to stop by and make themselves some breakfast. Staddon said it was the first time the firm had done anything like this and, depending on its success, it would look to repeat the toast bar experience across the country next year. "It’s about getting people to try Vogel’s as toast for breakfast," he said, "as nine out of 10 slices of Vogel’s are currently used for toast."

Last month its new packaging was rolled out across all product lines, and has had a good response from new and existing customers so far, explained Staddon. Vogel’s has also been developing a fruit and seed loaf, due to launch in January 2011.

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