Waitrose is set to launch a 13-strong range of crusty loaves, made with only English flour, in a bid to “make English bread great again”.

The introduction of the range follows the increased sales of “more traditional breads” across Great Britain, with sales of its own speciality breads up 8% on last year, said Waitrose.

Consisting of a collection of white, brown and organic breads, the English Crusty Loaf range will feature 400g, 600g and 800g loaves, including a wholegrain farmhouse loaf; Organic Heyford wholemeal tin; a six-seed barn batch; a white split tin loaf; and a white bloomer.

“We want to bring back great British bread, which is why we are pledging to use only home-grown flour in our 13 English Crusty Loaves,” said Waitrose bread buyer James Dickson.

“We have launched the new Crusty Loaf range, because shoppers are opting for better-quality bread. These traditional and artisan loaves – as well as striking a nostalgic note – will appeal to today’s discriminating shoppers.”