New figures suggest that Warburtons has grown its share of the bakery market in all parts of Britain, taking sales from its rivals’ flagship brands Hovis and Kingsmill.

The AC Nielsen figures (52 weeks to 14 July), which are quoted in Warburtons’ 2007 Bakery Review, also suggest that Kingsmill has seen decline in its market share in all regions of the country. Meanwhile, Hovis has seen decline in seven out of 10 regions.

The new report suggests Warburtons now has 15.1% of the market in the London area, as its nationwide expansion continues. Hovis is still the brand leader in the area, with 25.5% market share and Kingsmill has 23.7% market share.

Looking at market share percentages in all 10 regions, London is Kingsmill’s strongest region, the south west is the heartland of Hovis, where it has 36.1% market share, and Warburtons’ strongest region is Lancashire and Cumbria, where it has 52.9% share.

Sarah Miskell category director at Warburtons told British Baker: "Our TV advertising campaign has had a lot to do with our growth in the south, while reasserting our strong position in the north."

According to the report, the bakery category is worth over £3.2bn in annual sales, up 7% year-on-year. Total wrapped sales were worth £1.57bn a year, up 6.8%.

Sales of 800g loaves have fallen in volume, but rose by 5.4% in value to £1.3bn, compared to £0.27bn for 400g loaves, up by 13.7%. The last year saw 4.5bn units sold, an increase of 1.5%.