Warburtons has announced its new environmental policy, which identifies the family firm’s key areas of focus for 2010 and beyond.

In the document entitled ‘Building Success Responsibly’, the firm sets out its five areas of focus. These can be viewed at its newly launched corporate responsibility website, which documents the company’s full CR policy and ongoing achievements.

They are: the managing of stewardship of the supply chain ethically and sustainably; reducing the impact of the Warburtons business on the environment; keeping employees safe and providing opportunities for learning and development; helping customers make healthy and environmentally friendly choices; support charities, organisations and projects in the local community.

It has also set out a series of objectives to help monitor its progress, which include the aim to achieve a 20% reduction in C02 emissions, compared to it 2008 total, by 2020.

Its transport-related targets include: a reduction in fuel usage of 10% by 2014, from its 2008 total; to explore the potential of using electric vehicles and alternative fuels; and to achieve zero growth in food miles from its 2009 total.

Additional targets include a reduction in overall water usage of 20% by 2020, from its 2007 total, and to achieve zero bread and packaging waste from its bakeries to landfill from 2015.

“CR is nothing new to Warburtons, as it has always been inherent in the way we run our business. The difference now is that we are communicating more and setting ourselves quantifiable targets to report back on,” explained corporate responsibility director Sarah Miskell.

“Customers are continually looking to manufacturers to make the right choices and this is what we are looking to achieve in everything we do, as well as helping our suppliers and customers do the same.”

The full document can be viewed at: www.warburtons.co.uk/corporate-responsibility.