Celebration cake maker Jeanette Chappell has moved from her kitchen to the high street after 18 years.

The Bridal Cake Shop is now in Whitchurch, Basingstoke, after Chappell completely gutted an empty building to create a viewing area upstairs, where customers can look through a portfolio, and a workshop area downstairs with four ovens where the cakes are made.

She also plans to run sugarcraft lessons in the shop, in response to requests from customers.

Chappell said: “It looks more professional to have a shop and it’s nice to shut the door at the end of the day. Now clients can sit and have a coffee and look through the brochures when they visit.”

She makes and decorates about 50 wedding cakes a year, along with birthday and celebration cakes, and added: “A lot of cake places use packet mixes, but I make everything fresh.”

The cakes have featured in various bridal magazines.