The quality and yield for the rest of the UK wheat harvest now depends on the weather during the next two to three weeks, says the Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA).

The improved weather since the July downpours has meant that 13% of the UK’s harvest is now complete, although it is still too early to tell its quality, said Mike Mendelsohn, an economist at the HGCA. This includes areas in the North West, East Anglia and Essex.

British Baker reported that in July bread making wheat prices had hit £174 per tonne. Mendelsohn said that prices had gone up again since then and a bread making wheat delivery to Liverpool last week reached £182 per tonne.

"Prices are still going up due to growing concerns and uncertainty. International activity is also taking its toll, as heavy rain in France and Germany has aggravated prices in the UK," he added.