Wild Bean Café has expanded the range of bakery products served at its 230 stores in BP petrol stations.

Custard and jam iced finger buns, topped with sweet fondant icing and a traditional piped icing decoration, are one of three new products launching this spring. The buns, which retail for £1.19, are injected with either raspberry jam or vanilla custard going into four points along the bun, so consumers get a mouthful of the filling with each bite.

Other new arrivals at Wild Bean Café include: Belgian Bun twin-packs, containing a lemon and fruited Belgian dough swirl, topped with a fondant icing and a half cherry; and Cinnabun, an American-style dough swirl with a cinnamon paté filling. It is topped with a cream cheese icing and dusted with more cinnamon.

Both products will retail for £1.39.