The bakery student population converged on Blackpool on the recent May Day weekend with one thing on its mind. And that was impressing its elders with superlative bakery products - from wired sugarflowers to vegetarian pastries, chocolate wedding cakes and oven-bottom Coburg loaves.

The youngsters came from nine bakery colleges around the UK and, between them, entered 694 items into the massive annual bakery competition held at the annual conference of the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees (formerly NFBSS/IBB Alliance). Among the entries were 250 in the bread classes, 360 in the confectionery classes and 52 in California Raisins-supported classes. Some 20 entries were received in live competitions, from piping to marzipan modelling and dead dough work. Competition secretary Jane Hatton from Brooklands College oversaw proceedings.

As the prizes were awarded, Charles Geary, chair of the bread judges, praised the high standard of entries, particularly a "superb bloomer" from Horton Trophy winner Ian Sutherland. Chair of the confectionery judges Jean Grieves gave students tips for next year as she added her praise. n


=== Top of their class ===

Blackburn College

Overall winner, Founders Cup Donna Ainsworth: Warburtons Challenge Trophy for morning goods

Ian Sutherland: Horton Trophy

Kayli Barnes: Mandy Wansell Trophy for 800g loaf

Kezia Sterling: Frank Webster Trophy for an 800g white tin loaf, Victory Challenge Trophy; Overall winner: Victory Challenge Trophy

Shaminnisa Patel: Masters Award best loaf in show

Blackpool College

Alex Truelove: Novices’ Cup

Craig Cartwright: savoury vegetarian pastry

Jenni Bliszczak: British Bakels class

Kirsty Hughes: Devon Rose Bowl, Best fruit cake in Victory Challenge Trophy

Michelle Holmes: Innovation Trophy for a fermented dough product

Pamela Ellis: Wrights Trophy for a bread display piece (live)

Sharon Ann Humphrey: Live marzipan modelling class

Amy Finch: California Raisins Student Innovation Award, Bread/bakery

Hilary Johnson: California Raisins Student Innovation Award confectionery

Brooklands College, Surrey

Chun Young Lee: Live wired sugarflowers

Denise Bristow-Burrows: British Sugar class for a novelty cake

Duck-ae Lim: Slattery Trophy

Indika Jayasera: Renshaw decorative class celebration cake

Toyoyo Yoshizawa: IBB Cup for live piping

Vivian Lee: Blandy Cup for a decorated wedding cake and a wedding cake base

Vivian Lee: Goldex Cup for a wired sugarflower display

Leeds Thomas Danby

Joanne Hartley: 800g loaf and a buttercream gateau

Leicester College

Sarah Hughes: Gerry Cup for a live cut-out

Tameside College, Manchester

California Raisins Future Baker Award