As one of the 800 members who do not use training from the National Association of Master Bakers, I too am a little fed up with the near hysteria over the Board’s decision to look for better quality and more cost-effective training for our members. As CEO Gill Brooks Lonican’s letter in British Baker (26 January, pg 6) states, there is no intention to stop training by bakers for bakers, so the criticism is somewhat premature.

If I had received a letter from the NA, informing me there would no longer be training, I would still pay my subs. Yet if I received a letter telling me I would no longer receive employment, environmental and health and safety advice, I would drop out of membership, as this is the kind of advice members need.

Compared with a recent £600 charged from a solicitor for three letters and four phone calls, my membership to the NA for help 52 weeks a year on every subject is the best payment I will ever make.

Nigel Howe, Theydon Bois Bakery