In spite of Andrew Whitley’s claim, in his letter (11 May), that he is not attacking "the whole milling and baking industry", he persists in suggesting our industry is not only dishonest about materials and techniques, but is also guilty of mendacity and a cynical manipulation with selective additions of synthetic nutrients.

Andrew Whitley knows modern analytical techniques and process controls are all-pervasive and sophisticated. Every aspect of food safety and nutritional value is monitored, not only in this country but everywhere in the world where wheat is grown and bread produced.

If he had attended the Federation of Bakers Conference on 16 May, he would have heard two pre-eminent nutritionists - Professors Robert Pickard and Jeya Henry, respectively director of the British Nutrition Foundation and head of nutrition and food science at Oxford Brookes University - not only supporting our industry but recommending using bread in the most imaginative ways to improve the nation’s health.

In my opinion, Andrew Whitley’s accusations of dishonesty are not only completely unfounded, but also undermine his own credibility. Our industry has everything to be proud of and nothing to hide. All bread is wholesome, nutritious and safe.

When Mr Whitley appeared on the BBC radio programme You and Yours, promoting his book Bread Matters, it was the presenter who described his ideas as "wishful thinking". It is for him to prove otherwise.

David Roberts, former chairman of Roberts Bakery and the Federation of Bakers