Addo Food Group has secured a major listing in Asda for its Breakfast Twist, part of the Wall’s Pastry range. 

The bacon and egg-flavoured Breakfast Twist will be on-shelf in 198 Asda stores in the UK. Addo said in a statement that it represented “a major breakthrough” for the manufacturer, which entered the breakfast market in November last year with its first on-the-go breakfast product.

Available at a promotional price of £1.25 until 3 July, the Bacon and Egg Breakfast Twist, (RRP £1.75 thereafter), includes tomato sauce alongside the bacon and egg, in an “innovative microwavable flatbread”, which, according to the company, retains its texture when re-heated.  

Michael Holton, brand and marketing manager for Wall’s Pastry, said: “As a group, it is extremely pleasing to see that the Bacon and Egg Breakfast Twist is now available to buy in Asda stores across the UK.

“When looking to enter the breakfast market, we invested a considerable amount into the research and found there was a gap for an on-the-go breakfast product.”