Australian doughnut brand Doughnut Time is to open its first UK store, in Shaftesbury Avenue, London next month.

It will serve up fresh, handcrafted doughnuts with a range of pop culture-inspired toppings.

The move marks Doughnut Time’s first store outside Australia since opening in 2015, with current locations including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

“We’ve developed a menu we think the British public will love. It’ll change weekly and we’re always experimenting with exciting flavour combinations – and fun names to match,” said Doughnut Time founder Damian Griffiths. “We’re looking forward to introducing our modern and playful take on doughnuts to the British public. We’re certain they’ll be at home here.”

The bespoke new menu includes two retro British flavours: Love Actually and Shawty it’s Sherbert Day.

Aussie bestsellers including Love at First Bite, filled with Nutella and dusted with cinnamon sugar, and the watermelon-flavoured Melon DeGeneres will also make an appearance.

Vegan and gluten-free options will also be available. Prices for the premium doughnuts start at £4 each, with boxes of one, four and six on offer.