British Baker needs you! We want to build one of the most comprehensive pictures of bakery trade in 2013 and are calling on you - our loyal readers and users.

Our Bakery Business Survey will only take a few minutes of your time, but by taking part you will be helping to gain an insight into the health of the high street and other aspects impacting bakery.

To give your views on the state of the retail baking industry in 2013 see: Thank you in advance for your time.

Martyn Leek, editor of British Baker, said: “A lot of the media lately around the high street has been largely negative. But I visit businesses up and down the country that are performing well.

“For this reason, British Baker wants to gauge how well the retail side of bakery is doing. We hope the Bakery Business Survey will be a barometer of trade in 2013.”

The Craft Bakers’ Association will also shortly be sending out the survey to its members.