A doughnut and beer pairing pop-up event is to take place in London, which will see tasters try flavours like Katsu doughnuts with craft ales.

The event is a collaboration between Hackney’s The Hole doughnuts and The Five Points Brewing Co for a pairing at The Birdcage pub, London.

Pairings could include Five Points’ Pale Ale with a Salt & Vinegar round, Red Hook with The Hole’s Cherry doughnut or an IPA accompanied by a Lychee & Grapefruit doughnut.

The event is ticketed at £15 for five doughnuts with five beers.

Emma Boman, owner of The Hole, said: “I make doughnuts in flavours that some might call unusual, but for me there are no rules as to what a doughnut ‘should’ taste like. The perception that doughnuts are big and greasy doesn’t have to be true, a doughnut can be all kinds of things. They are all made by hand and I try to make them as pretty as possible while using great ingredients.

“My range of doughnuts changes a lot. For the event I’m doing with Five Points, I have created flavours to match their beers – some of these I have done before and it just fits and others I created based on the flavour of the beer. Doughnuts that I do regularly include sea salt and rosemary, rose, violet, katsu curry, lemon poppy seed, and coconut with cardamom chocolate and coffee.”

Scroll through some of The Hole’s eclectic range of doughnut flavours below

Cherry doughnuts- to be paired with Red Hook beer

Salt & vinegar for Five Points’ Pale Ale

Katsu doughnuts- filled with vegetarian curry and topped with panko breadcrumbs

Rose & Raspberry, Coffee Cream and Guacamole doughnuts