With so many different treats to choose from, which biscuit is the slam dunk with internet users and which ends up with a soggy bottom?

To celebrate National Biscuit Day, office supply catalogue Viking Direct has analysed UK internet search traffic to reveal Britain’s Favourite Biscuit.

Viking selected 26 biscuit variations and ranked them based on their average monthly search volume, with data from Google’s Keyword Planner.

To get a better picture of the divisive nature of the issue, Viking also split the results by region, to discover many of our cities’ favourite biscuits: Londoners enjoy a Biscoff, while Reading prefers a crumbly Hobnob.

The top 10 are:

1.        Chocolate Chip Cookie (49,500 searches)

2.        Shortbread (27,100 searches)

3.        KitKat (18,100 searches)

4.        Oreo (18,100 searches)

5.        Jaffa Cake (14,800 monthly searches)

6.        Hobnob (8,100 monthly searches)

7.        Biscoff (4,400 monthly searches)

8.        Custard Cream (4,400 monthly searches)

9.        Digestive (4,400 monthly searches)

10.      Jammie Dodger (3,600 monthly searches)

Researchers also found that 1,430 people on average a month search ‘Is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit or a cake?’