A chocolatier announced the closure of his shop via a letter after making just £100-a-week in profit.

As reported in the Daily Mail, Simon Dunn publicised the closure of Simon Dunn’s Chocolatier, Wilmslow, Chesire via a handwritten letter displayed in his shop window.

In the letter, Dunn listed the outgoings of the shop which revealed his £208,000-a-year taking was being lost on £202,200 worth of rent, rates, VAT, taxes, supplies and wages.

The letter said: “I have always been very lucky as everyone who has worked for me has always stood by me and done their best – without [sic]this, maybe this would have happened sooner.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Dunn said: “Before long all that will be left on the British high street is Tesco, Costa and charity shops - it’s just impossible for people like me to keep our heads above the water.

“On a good week we were left with £100 a week profit and it was just not worth it. There seems to be no incentive to operate as an independent on the high street these days.”

Dunn employed two full-time workers, one part-time and six Saturday staff for his Wilmslow outlet. He added that the business would still trade from its online shop.

After opening the Wilmslow shop in 2007, Dunn expanded with five more outlets in the North-West and one in Dorset. In the letter, the chocolatier noted that customers could still visit his daughter who runs the Chestergate Macclesfield store, as well as the outlets on Commercial Rd, Hazel Grove in Greater Manchester and Chorlton.