Euphorium Bakery has opened its latest café and in-store bakery in one of Tesco’s supermarkets, British Baker can reveal.

The new pilot concession outlet, which opened last month, is based in the supermarket business’ Kensington store on West Cromwell Road.

It is made up of a large café operation catering for more than 100 covers, as well as an in-store bakery, which produces a range of artisanal style breads and can be purchased from either Euphorium’s outlet or from Tesco’s checkout tills.

Andrew Green, operations director at Euphorium Bakery, told British Baker: “The outlet is no different to any of our other locations, with our staff baking in the store and supplying a full product range, as well as other products coming from our manufacturing facility in Islington.”

He added that a roll-out of this store format would be dependent on the success of the Tesco pilot outlet, which will be trialling over the next few months.

The move comes five months after Tesco secured a 49% stake in artisanal coffee shop business Harris + Hoole, a concept thought up by Australian siblings Nick, Andrew and Laura Tolley, who also operate Taylor Street Baristas.

In a recent blog post, Philip Clarke, chief executive of Tesco, said: “We will back businesses in which we see an opportunity for their brands to grow with ours. Euphorium bakery is another example: an established brand and business, with a compelling offer, it is already in a store in Kensington, offering amazing breads, pastries and sandwiches. It makes what is already a terrific store even better for customers. We’re proud of it and I hope our customers will love it too.”

A spokesperson from Tesco told British Baker the company was unable to comment on the new Euphorium Bakery outlet.

In March 2012, Euphorium Bakery announced that it would be investing £1m in its new Islington-based factory and shop during the summer, and planned to open a further 20 shops.