Ian Thomson of Geordie Bakers has won £100-worth of Amazon vouchers in British Baker’s reader research survey prize draw.

The owner of the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne bakery business was selected as the winner of the vouchers from all those who had completed the survey, sent out in the 21 September issue of British Baker, which aimed to find out how bakers read the latest industry news.

Thomson told British Baker: “It was a nice short survey to complete. I have been reading British Baker since 1967, and it has been part of my life ever since. For me, it is compulsory reading and the magazine still gets passed around from person to person at Geordie Bakers.

“I also read the e-newsletters and it’s nice to recieve the latest news from the baking industry in this way and to pick up useful information about what’s going on in the sector. It’s also good to see British Baker is embracing and adapting to the digital revolution.”

The British Baker reader research survey also asked for thoughts on the content of the publication and British Baker’s website: www.bakeryinfo.co.uk.