Six new summer products from Greggs are in shops now, where they will remain until 13 September.

The six new products are in-line with Greggs’ recent healthy-eating drive, and comprise:

  • Chicken & Sweet Potato Bake (Balanced Choice); 316 calories, from £1.35
  • Vegetable Katsu Bake; 433 calories, from £1.50
  • Rainbow Raspberry Doughnut; 229 calories, from 75p
  • Banoffee Doughnut; 342 calories, from 75p
  • Toffee Apple Cookie; 370 calories, from 80p
  • Lemon Shortbread (two pack); 153 calories, from £1.00

In other Greggs-related news, it was recently reported in the national press that there is a Greggs Appreciation Group, based in Wales.

Founded while on a stag do in May of this year (the groom is the secretary of the group), there are 13 members and an Instagram account.

The group includes a chairman, vice-chairman and treasurer as well as head of IT and events.

“We are happy to offer honorary membership to anyone who submits an entry into our sausage roll eating challenge,” said groom and secretary Alud.

The Sausage Roll Challenge was the first big initiative from the group – they are calling on people to send videos of themselves eating sausage rolls to try and beat the current record set by event coordinator Lee Phillips (known as Butch), who managed to eat a Greggs sausage roll in 24.93 seconds.