Consumers have quizzed Hovis via Facebook about the nutritional qualities of bread.

The brand, which has been named one of the Power Brands by parent company Premier Foods, hosted the live question-and-answer session with Dietitian Elphee Medici.

The innovative exercise saw consumers ask: “Which bread has the least calories?” “Is bread fattening?” “Does bread bloat you?” and “What is the best sandwich filling for someone who’s pregnant?”

According to Hovis, the aim of the two hour Q&A was to provide education to consumers and to be as transparent as possible.

A statement by Hovis said: “Bread is such an important part of our balanced diet, but is constantly under attack in the media. The purpose of our Q&A is to help end the confusion, and dispel some of the myths and contradicting messages for our consumers

“Futureproof, the marketing agency which manages social media for Hovis, believes that Facebook is an important tool for interacting with consumers on a more regular basis by focusing on relevant conversations to their lives.”

It added that due to the success of the session, more are being considered for the future. Medici and Nutrilicious will also be involved with all future nutritional content that is used on Hovis’ social media.

The session follows Hovis’ previous campaign with Victoria Pendleton last year, promoting cycling routes within the UK.