Frozen food specialist Iceland is today (10 July) rolling out a new fresh Luxury Bread range to Iceland stores across the country, and extending the Millie’s Cookies bake-off range.

The six-strong range - which includes loaves, crumpets and rolls – contains “high-quality” ingredients and uses a “slow dough method (typically know as sourdough) to create rich, intense flavours,” said the retailer.

The range comprises:

  • Luxury Amber Grain Crumpets, £1/six-pack: “These Amber Grain Crumpets are blended with oats, sunflower seeds, millet seeds, flax seeds and wheat, which are then infused with a sprinkle of sugar to add a touch of sweetness. Toast and serve while warm, with a knob of butter or with a spoonful of jam – simple.”
  • Luxury Cheese Topped Rolls, £1/six-pack: “Giving a luxury twist to the classic bread roll, these cheddar-topped buns are made using Taw Valley cheddar cheese.”
  • Luxury Five Grain Loaf, 800g, £1: “The best thing since sliced bread, the five-grain loaf is a combination of flecks of millet, flax seeds, toasted sunflower seeds and rolled oats, making this lightly grained loaf appealingly wholesome yet flavoursome.”
  • Luxury Harvest Batch Loaf, 800g, £1: “The delicious malted grain loaf contains flakes of malted wheat, barley and rye flour, baked using slow dough for outstanding taste.”
  • Luxury Slow Dough Loaf, 800g, £1: “This crusty, flavoursome bread is a welcomed staple in any home. Reliable and tasty, it makes the perfect toast – the nation’s favourite!”
  • Luxury All-Butter Welsh Cakes, £1.50 for a pack of six: “A Village Bakery family favourite, these succulent griddle scones are made with real butter, finest Vostizza currants and carefully selected spices. Try them with Iceland British Mature Cheddar Cheese 400g – it really works!”

Iceland is also extending its Millie’s Bake at Home range, which “go from frozen to freshly baked in 25 minutes”, with All Butter Croissants, Pains aux Raisins and Pains aux Chocolat. The Millie’s cookies range is expanding with new variants including a limited-edition Milk Chocolate & Toffee flavour, and a Party Pack. The new Millie’s products will be available in 580 Iceland stores.