Brits’ love of international cuisine has helped make tortillas the second-most popular bakery item in the Waitrose Essential line-up.

Of all the bakery items in the budget product range, which was launched in 2009, only baguettes sell at a higher volume, the retailer revealed.

“We’ve seen some key cuisines emerge since the launch of Essential Waitrose,” said Jonathan Moore, Waitrose executive chef.

Middle Eastern and Greek foods have become part of the UK’s everyday diets, noted Moore, as evidenced by the rise in houmous and halloumi sales.

The business also reported strong sales of other Essential bakery items following the launch of a new advertising campaign for the range. In a trade update published yesterday (19September), the retailer said sales of Essential croissants were up 138% on a year ago, with yum yums up 42%.

Waitrose isn’t the only supermarket reporting a change in consumer tastes, with Asda recently revealing fajitas had knocked curry off the top spot as the nation’s favourite international meal. The retailer added that sales of its international foods had increased by 40% over a 12-week period to 7 August 2017.