US company Kwik Lok has become the 14th member of the Federation of Bakers.

The creator of the first all-plastic bread bag closing system, Kwik Lok offers a variety of packaging solutions for the baking and grocery industry.

The Federation of Bakers has nine member companies running 37 bakeries in the UK and supplying the majority of the bread consumed in the UK.

Kwik Lok joins current associate members AB Mauri, ADM Milling, Baker Perkins, British Bakels, CCFRA, Cereform, Edme, Fuerst Day Lawson, GB Ingredients, Lesaffre Group, Puratos, Zeelandia and Taste Tech.

Wouter Reijndorp, managing director at Kwik Lok, said: “Kwik Lok started off as a small family business in 1952, and has gone from strength to strength in recent years. The latest 21st-century Kwik Loks are the preferred choice for large plant bread bakers in Australia, Japan, much of Africa and, of course, the US and we want to bring these new features to the UK. 

“Kwik Lok is very well received in consumer panel assessments and bring promotional and ‘stand out’ marketing and tracking features that metal or tape systems cannot offer, as well as very high speeds on bagging lines. Now, as a multinational company, we’re proud to run a total of six worldwide production plants across the globe and are delighted as we move into this exciting new stage to be joining the Federation of Bakers. We are looking forward to receiving access to the Federation’s range of services, alongside many of the other opportunities associated with our membership.”

Gordon Polson, director of the Federation of Bakers, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Kwik Lok as a new associate member and believe we can help and support them as they look to expand their growth in the UK market.”