Bakers are being encouraged to get involved in National American Sweet Bakery Week, in order to help build sales of American-style bakery products.

Taking place from 1-7 July, organiser Dawn wants bakers to get involved with the week by baking mouth-watering goodies and sharing their images and posts online. It is an initiative established to help bakers build sales of American-style products such as muffins and cupcakes.

National American Sweet Bakery Week (NASBW) forms part of Dawn’s Authentic American Bakery Campaign. As part of the campaign, Dawn has teamed up with food sensory expert Professor Charles Spence from Oxford University who will be sharing his insights in ‘Sweet Bakeology’ that explore the senses and look at how we connect with food, flavour and tastes.

“The week marks a great sales opportunity for bakers to theme their retail bakeries and drive sales,” said Dawn in a statement.

It has developed a range of American-themed recipes, including Toffee Popcorn Muffins, Maple Bacon Donuts and Patriotic Bundt Cakes.

Dawn has also developed an assortment of recipes to help bakers kickstart NASBW, and more will be added over the next few months, including an on-trend 4th July-themed Ombre Cake. Those who register can receive exclusive NASBW packs with handy tools and tips to help ‘Americanise’ outlets and celebrate the week.

Jacqui Passmore, marketing manager UK and Ireland for Dawn, said: “Dawn has seen the event go from strength to strength each year and, with our vast range of innovative American-themed recipes, we are proud to be supporting bakers in developing their sales and growing their bakery businesses through a dedicated themed week.”

She added that the feedback from last year’s week was “very positive”, with bakers reporting “remarkable” sales increases as a result.

“We hope that as many high-street bakers will take part this year as in previous years, to really maximise the opportunity and provide consumers with the popular all-American sweet bakery items that they cherish.”

Kim Cowley, of Warings Bakery, said: “We look forward to participating once again this NASBW, bringing back customer favourites such as Funfetti Cake & Oreo Cupcakes and dreaming up fun new ways to introduce flavours of the USA into our 2017 range.

“Last year’s promotion was well received on our social media channels and we hope to do more this year with video content andexclusive online promotions.”

How to ‘Americanise’ your bakery

By food sensory expert Professor Charles Spence from Oxford University

-           “Dress your bakeries with American theming. Visual cues are important in terms of setting flavour expectations; after all, we nearly always look at the foods that we are about to eat first.

-           “Entice customers with freshly-baked aromas; as much as 75-95% of what we think we taste actually comes from our sense of smell.

-           “Temperature, texture, and mouthfeel all constitute a key part of the enjoyment associated with eating, and optimum freshness means better enjoyment.

-           “Temperature affects our perception of food and drink in many ways. Cold temperature suppresses our ability to taste. The temperature of food in the hand is also important. Holding something warm, like a warm muffin or pastry, has been shown to make those around us seem warmer too.

-           “Comfort foods are the simple, traditional foods that remind us of childhood, and they are about providing an emotional boost. Comfort foods are especially good at alleviating loneliness. Think carefully about the name you give your sweet bakery treats. Play on the nostalgia angle, with descriptions like ‘grandma’s’, ‘traditional’, ‘simple’, and ‘homely’. Or give it a twist for NASBW by relating back to a place, for example - Chicago Toffee Popcorn Muffins.”