Harry’s Gourmet Treats, a bakery specialising in luxury dog treats, is to open its first bricks and mortar site in Portobello, Edinburgh.

As reported by the Edinburgh Evening News, founder Paul Marsden is currently running the business from his flat, producing treats including doggy doughnuts and venison brownies. He is opening the bakery to cope with demand, and is hoping to start trading on 23 April.

Marsden started baking dog treats for his black labrador, Harry, a rescue dog with a sensitive stomach. All his products are free from artificial colours and preservatives, and are made from human-grade ingredients. He currently supplies 36 premises, including Edinburgh Castle, and produces up to 300 bags of treats a day.

He said: “The treats are all based on what a human likes to eat. Things went a bit crazy on social media when I announced the plans. It was a really good reaction. Lots of folk are saying that they can’t wait for it to open.”

He added: “The best thing is the customer feedback and creating something that’s loved. The treats are swallowed in seconds.”