Gail’s Bakery is to open up a new outlet at Dickens Yard in Ealing.

The bakery said it wanted “to make word-class craft bread a part of every community with freshly made breads as well as cakes, sandwiches and salads”, when it opens the shop in autumn 2018, in the new St George West development.

Craig Carson, managing director of St George West, said: “We are delighted that Gail’s has chosen to open a new store at Dickens Yard in Ealing. The popular bakery will give local residents yet another reason to visit our new public square and high street at Dickens Yard. I look forward to making further exciting announcements in the coming months.”

Tom Molnar, co-founder of Gail’s added: “Ealing is a great community and we’ll look forward to baking in Dickens Yard.”