New online start-up CakeDrop connects office workers to independent bakeries across central London.

CakeDrop aims to connect London’s office workers with independent bakeries across the capital.

The company said it allows employers and office workers in Zone One to bulk-buy and schedule birthday cake deliveries in advance via an online platform, before hand-delivering cakes from its bakery partners on scheduled days, via its fleet of CakeTrikes.

Offering a new route to market for independent bakeries in London, CakeDrop also provides an opportunity for local bakeries to reach a wider consumer base.

Its inaugural partners include Victoria Yum, South East Cakery, Sweet Tooth Factory, CakeFace, Butter Beautiful and Love Rosie.

Anna Ward, co-founder of CakeDrop, told British Baker: “Cake is a huge part of office culture in London, yet the majority of office birthdays are still celebrated with ‘sub-standard’ supermarket cake.

“This is despite the fact that London is home to some of the best bakeries and cake shops in the world. CakeDrop is about connecting the demand with the supply, supporting local businesses and ensuring London’s office workers get the finest quality cake our city has to offer.”