Online users have hit back at Greggs for reducing the size of its bakery goods.

It comes in light of the national bakery retailer revealing a series of size reductions across its product range, as published on the nutrition section of its website.

Products that have shrunk in size include breakfast bacon rolls, pasties, pizzas, wraps, doughnuts and muffins, according to the latest media reports.

On Greggs’ dedicated Twitter account (@GreggstheBakers), one online user named Dan J Sullivan (@dansulindstress) commented on an article published by the Daily Mail, and said: “What an insult to your customers. Expect a massive decrease in sales #shortsighted #greedy.”

A number of people also took to Greggs’ Facebook page to voice their opinions on the product reductions, including Andreas Argyrou who said: “Case of greed again!!!....what next.”

Greggs has responded to both Twitter and Facebook users, explaining the majority of its savoury products have been unaffected by the move. The company added items that have shrunk have adjusted in weight due to improvements made to recipes, including a reduction in fat and salt content.

A number of national newspapers have also reported the news, including The Independent and the Daily Mail. As a result, The Sun has decided to revive its Save Our Savouries campaign, which launched last year in a bid to deter the government from enforcing 20% VAT on hot bakery goods.

The newspaper said its decision to relaunch the campaign is to plead with Greggs to restore its products to full size.  

British Baker’s sister title The Grocer revealed last week that Greggs had reduced the size of a number of products, with the biggest reduction seen in a breakfast bacon roll which shrunk by 18%.

A spokesperson told British Baker: “Greggs leads the baking industry by being transparent about our food and providing detailed nutritional information about our products. We are constantly reviewing our products and making changes and improvements to them, and we update the product information and nutritional content for our customers on our website and our in-shop information leaflet. Where changes in weight do occur, this is normally the result of improvements to specification such as reducing fat, salt and/or sugar.

“Greggs has more than 250 own-made lines. A small number of product recipes have changed, driven by customer feedback and nutritional guidelines, which has reduced these product weights. These changes have been made over a long period of time, and our prices always remain at the great value our customers expect from us.”