The founder of Britain’s leading branded pie manufacturer, Pukka Pies, has died aged 83.

Trevor Storer established the firm in his kitchen in 1963. According to a spokesman, he died peacefully at home.

Originally trading under the title Trevor Storer’s Handmade Pie Company, the name was altered in 1964. 

Developing the recipe for Steak & Kidney Pies and Chicken & Mushroom Pies from home, he opened 13 accounts on the first day of business selling 1,200 pies in the first week. The company turned over £12,000 in the first year.

The business, based in Suston, Leicestershire, makes around 60 million pies a year, and employs 300 people.

In a statement, Pukka Pies said: “Trevor Storer’s founding values were putting quality and care first, selecting only the finest ingredients.

“He also made job security a central objective and ran the company with integrity. These values remain core to the Pukka Pies culture today.

“Trevor Storer was fair, considerate and polite to all he dealt with and is remembered by all who knew him as a true gentleman.”

Last year, the company, headed by Mr Storer’s sons Tim and Andrew, invested £7m in an extension to its factory.