New research by Kettle Chips has highlighted that Brits are creatures of habit when it comes to lunchtime choices, eating the same thing three times a week.

Kettle Chips also found the average working British adult spends 30 minutes or less on their lunch break, and two-thirds (67%) of employees eat at their desk every day.

Sixty-three percent of those surveyed admitted they worked through their entire lunch break, according to a poll of 2,000 full-time workers by crisp brand Kettle Chips. Research also revealed the average working Brit will eat the same meal for lunch three times a week.

The study found eight in 10 people (88%) eat the same lunch week-in-week-out whilst at work, with sandwiches being far-and-away the most popular choice within the group surveyed.

Two-thirds (67%) of employees eat ‘al-desco’ (lunching at their desk), surfing gossip websites (48%), updating their social media profiles (19%) and booking holidays or trips away (10%).

Kettle Chips spokesperson Kizzy Lilburne said: “We want to remind people that lunch is not just important as a way to refuel, but that it also gives people the chance to take a break and see something different.

“We are encouraging people to find that sometimes elusive patch of grass and make time at least once a week for a  lunchtime treat, whether finding the time to relax or switching the soggy sandwich for something more exciting.”