Satterthwaites closed its doors for the last time this weekend after failing to find a buyer for the business.

The Liverpool craft bakery firm, which revealed the sale of its business to British Baker on social media website Twitter last month, ceased trading on Saturday (13 October). This included seven sites in the Crosby and Bootle areas, where around 70 members of staff worked.

Roger Wilson, owner of Satterthwaites, told the Liverpool Echo: “A generation ago there were up to eight bakers in Crosby and now there are none. We have stood against the tide and we have only been able to do that because of the support of all the customers.

“The staff have been wonderful and there has been tremendous loyalty from the customers. I’m just sorry that this loyalty has not been rewarded with continuity. I really feel that I am letting everyone down.”

He added that he has been looking for over a month to find a suitable candidate to take on the Satterthwaites business.

“It needs a baker who is a businessman, because ultimately the important thing for our firm is the quality of the goods,” added Wilson. “It might be possible to find a business that can run the firm, but we would be short of the necessary skills to carry it forward.”

Satterthwaites opened its first shop opened on King Street in Southport in 1910 and was set up by Wilson’s grandparents, Walter and Miriam Satterthwaite.