According to research commissioned by global packaging specialist Huhtamaki, 63% of adults who have bought food-to-go in the last month have chosen a sandwich.

Lunch is still the most popular eating occasion for food-to-go purchases, and 36% of consumers say they buy more food-to-go now than three years ago, according to the research.

“Only the coolest-looking sandwiches make it to social media,” the company said in a statement, “and 41% of consumers who upload photographs of their food interact in some way with the outlets they buy from.”

It added that 89% of these people post their images on Facebook, and the most popular method of serving food-to-go is in a paper sandwich box.

Becci Eplett, UK marketing manager of Huhtamaki, said: “Choosing to custom-print single-use packaging with a particular message keeps a brand front-of-mind.”