Belgian bakery ingredients manufacturer Puratos has added three new products to its bakery range.

Tegral Brioche, Tegral Cornbread and O-tentic Tutto Pugliese are “designed with bakers in mind”, according to the company.

“The aim of the mixes is to enable both high street and small industrial bakers to personalise the breads they offer their customers, enabling them to simply and easily create multiple on-trend bread varieties.”

It said the products are all “high-quality 100% mixes, offering ease, convenience and authenticity for all bakers”.

Developed by the Puratos innovation team, the new mixes are a response to increased consumer awareness of, and demand for, global foods with provenance, it said in a statement.

  • Tegral Brioche is an easy-to-use mix that is lower in fat than traditional brioche (thanks to the use of Puraslim), while maintaining a traditional buttery taste, due to the use of Sapore natural sourdoughs.
  • Tegral Cornbread is an American-style cornbread that has been adapted for the UK consumer to create a more bread-like result, offering the sweetness of cornbread with added corn grains for texture.
  • Tutto Pugliese mix is made from a fine version of the hard wheat semolina, obtained by mixing the varieties of wheat cultivated on the highlands of Apulia and Basilicata. The mix offers a combination of certified flour and sourdough that is “remarkably easy to use” according to the company. 

Puratos UK managing director Julian Lewis said: “At Puratos UK, we love bread, and especially bread with provenance. We love, too, the stories associated with these breads, some of which go back many hundreds of years. Our role is to help bakers of all sizes to recreate these amazing breads, to grow their business by enabling them to enhance their offering to their customers.”

Both the Tegral Brioche and Tegral Cornbread mixes are available in 15kg bags, while the Tutto Pugliese mix is available in a 10kg bag.