Warings Bakery is set to appear on Heston Blumenthal’s new Channel 4 television series Heston’s Fantastical Food this month.

The bakery business, based in Reading, Berkshire, will be appearing in the new show, due to air next Tuesday (6 November) at 9pm, which will see the celebrity chef recreating British food traditions on a monumental scale.
Daniel Carr from Warings Bakery, told British Baker: “We were originally contacted by the production company to help with the baking of some oversized products, as they didn’t have the oven size and space to make Heston’s creations. They initially found us on the internet through our website and liked what they saw – a small independent family-run bakers with the skill and expertise to help with baking. This, paired with the equipment we could provide, product knowledge and, of course, our enthusiasm to help, meant the partnership was forged instantly.”
Warings Bakery, which is based near Blumenthal’s famous restaurant The Fat Duck in Bray, was filmed for two episodes, during one of which members of staff were tasked with shaping and baking a giant version of a famous brand biscuit.
For a separate episode, the firm had to bake giant bread, which was delivered by Waring Bakery’s managing director Janet Carr and director Alan Waring to London’s Richmond Cricket Ground and Legoland Windsor.
The bakery business worked with JC Engineering Products to help make specialist trays and tins for the oversized bakery goods.
Heston’s Fantastical Food will be showcasing the revival of other British food traditions, such as ice cream vans, as Blumenthal aims to create the world’s largest 99 Flake, as well as the tea break, which will be served up with gigantic biscuits and the world’s largest pyramid tea bag.