The company behind Redland Village Bakery in Bristol has said it will be rebranding around six of its retail bakeries this year, British Baker can reveal.

Shirehampton-based West Country Retail Bakers, which owns and operates a series of craft bakery shops in the Bristol region, has said it will be rebranding the sites as The Redland Bakery.

It comes as the same time the firm opened its eighth outlet on Stoke Lane in Bristol last month, which will also be included in the brand overhaul.

Andrew Grzybowski, managing director at West Country Retail Bakers, told British Baker: “We decided to do some branding for one of my existing bakery shops, and when we opened the Stoke Lane site, the opportunity arose to rebrand the outlet in the new colours. We will be looking to do the same with at least six of our bakeries.

“As far as the customer knows, the businesses are independent bakeries, but what we want to do now is to bring them all together so that people are aware of the business.”

The craft bakery businesses operating under West Country Retail Bakers include Cotham Hill Bakery, The Bread Shops in Winterbourne and Redland, Staple Hill Bakery in Bristol, Shirehampton Bakery and The Bread Farm in Avonmouth.

Looking ahead, Grzybowski said he would look to open up further bakery shops in the next 12 months: “It is all dependent on cash flow and whether this new shop maintains its growth as it has. Then I intend on refurbishing the Cotham Hill Bakery, hopefully in six weeks time.

“New stores are not out of the question, it is possible. So if the refurbishments go well then yes, I will look to open another one or two shops in the next couple of years.”

He added that the business has reported a growth in retail sales in the last 18 months.