Epsom-based bakery innovation company EPP has argued that bakery audits being conducted by major retailers require companies to provide proof of the reliability of their plant and reveal contingency plans in the event of equipment failure.

This is in addition to showing detailed project portfolio management documents and critical spares procedures.

“It’s a great initiative, which will help reduce the cost of unplanned breakdowns and secure product supply, prevent short orders and cancelled deliveries,” said Rob Pedlar, after-sales contract manager for EPP (pictured).

“Taking a proactive and positive approach is an easy decision to make when you realise the cost of non-compliance with retailer demands will result in penalties for short orders and cancelled deliveries and, ultimately, could lead to a delisting of a product or a whole range. Proper maintenance planning is therefore essential for bakers to keep their equipment reliable and performing at optimum levels.”

In March 2017, Pedlar was appointed as the after-sales manager at EPP to oversee the maintenance programmes for the company’s customers.